Grants & Scholarships

Grant & Scholarship History

Through 2016

East Oakview


 $ 22,185.78 

North Oakview


 $ 26,350.14 

West Oakview


 $ 35,399.37 

Crossroads Middle School


 $ 28,839.51

Northview High School


 $ 59,477.21 

Northview East Campus


 $ 7,322.00 

Highlands Middle School


 $ 17,655.32 

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Buy A Honor Wall Tile

You can become a permanent part of the Northview High School and support the many teachers in the Northview District! The NEF announces a “HONOR” Wall located in the new entrance of the athletic facility.

You have an opportunity to purchase a personalized tile that will be mounted on one of the bricks on the wall. You can use the tile to “honor”, “donated by”, or “In Memory of” someone or simply list names.



The NEF is always on need of volunteers for events, special projects, gathering community and local business support and even recruiting new board members!