Grant Application

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Apply for your Grant online below or Please mail the completed application inter-office mail to NEF at the Special Ed Office or deliver completed application to the Administration Building by 4pm on

Monday September 20th, 2021



If you have any additional questions email us at:

First Semester Grant Application

  • Deadline

    Please email your application to or mail the completed application inter-office mail to NEF at the Special Ed Office by 4pm on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH.
  • Grant Discussion Meeting SEPT 27th

    beginning at 5:00 pm at Crossroads Media Center. Email or call Brenda Dykema (NEF Executive Director) at (616) 365-6153 to schedule a time 5-7 Minute slot to discuss your grant. The purpose of this meeting is to have any questions or clarifications answered regarding your grant for our Committee. APPOINTMENTS ARE SCHEDULED ON FIRST COME. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL AS SOON AS YOUR GRANT IS SUBMITTED. GRANT REQUESTS UNDER $300 WILL BE REVIEWED PRIOR TO THE GRANT MEETING AND MAY BE EXEMPT FROM ATTENDING THE MEETING, HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT A FINAL DECISION ON AWARDING THE GRANT. YOU WILL HAVE APPROVAL OR DENIAL BY OCTOBER 4.
  • Grant Writer Requirements

    - Fill out the grant application and submit it by set deadline (describe purpose/description & budget) - Have the grant approved by building principal (signature required). - If the grant includes a request to purchase technology, it must have Director of Technology signature. - Ideas for grants can be shared but each grant must be written by the person(s) applying for grant. - Funds requested cannot include costs for transportation, meals, apparel/uniforms or Northview employee salaries. - Attend grant application discussion meeting to answer questions regarding the grant application unless you are notified by the Executive Director that you are not needed at the grant meeting. This will not harm your chances of receiving a grant. - Grant applications will be accepted for repeat grants but please note new grants may be given preference over grants that were previously awarded within the prior two years. - Grants will not be accepted for purchases made previous to the grant award.

    - Approve the funding in full or partial. You will receive an email with a decision by OCTOBER 4. - Return the application with suggestions for resubmitting. - Deny the request. (Explanation would be given)

    - Within 3 months submit an article w/ pic of grant in action to for the NV News. - Post information about the grant in/on your classroom newsletter or website. - Spend all money awarded within 3 months of receiving the grant. DATE:__January 7, 2022 - Attend the Golf Outing if possible to be recognized.
  • Description and Purpose

  • Projected Budget

  • (Corporate/Private/Matching School Funds)
  • Breakdown of Expenses

  • Please list all items, purchased from, and amounts.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Questions: Please contact your NEF Building Representatives or NEF@NVPS.NET


The NEF is always on need of volunteers for events, special projects, gathering community and local business support and even recruiting new board members!