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The NEF provides grants to improve student learning and provide resources beyond the operating budget of the school system by raising money through various annual fund-raising events.

The NEF takes pride in all Northview students, past and present. Our continued commitment and dedication should provide exceptional learning experiences for the entire Northview school district. We will build on a successful foundation with the continued support of business leaders, parents, community, alumni and the Northview staff.

The Northview Education Foundation helps provide our schools with the educational experiences that our children deserve – the kind that today’s world demands. The NEF believes in a strong community connection and wants to make available additional monies for these innovative programs. With the continued state budget cuts our district faces, more challenges for fund raising arise even with the basic learning needs. The NEF realizes this and remains dedicated to all the children at Northview.

The Northview Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations will help ensure that we can continue our mission, which is to assist in the promotion of creative, progressive and innovative education for our students, teaching staff and support staff by providing funds for educational enrichment opportunities beyond the normal operating budget of the school district. organization with a volunteer board comprised of parents, students, teachers, alumni, and local business people, with one paid part-time Executive Director.

NEF Full Board Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Northview Administration Building Board Room. The Executive Committee meets at 5:15 p.m. prior to the Board Meeting.

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Some of Our Recent Grants

Visual Learning – $509 – Katherine Lewis – Highlands

This grant will provide access to a document camera at Highlands. The devise is beneficial for sharing on-demand reading and writing with context of instruction. ... Continue Reading

Fostering a Love for Reading through Book Clubs – $192 – Carrie Davies – North Oakview

This grant will purchase books that will be used to develop a book club and provide a positive reading experience. ... Continue Reading

Deaf Speaker – $200 – Trish Lopucki

The grant will provide funding for special guest speaker Mel Wahlen to attend a family night that will speak with parents about raising healthy Deaf Children. ... Continue Reading

Accelerating the Math Program – $312- Kristy Templer – Crossroads

The purpose of this grant will be to purchase a subscription to the math part of IXL which will allow students to work specifically on their areas of weakness in math or work on current material. ... Continue Reading

Calling All Colors – $500 – Sarah Gammans – High Schoo

This grant will allow 20 WAVE Students to attend the Calling All Colors conferences, creating a core leadership group of students to continue the work of creating a welcoming and accepting culture at Northview. ... Continue Reading

Service Learning – $300 – West Oakview Teachers

This grant will purchase materials for the students at West to serve the community at Vista Springs Assisted Living Center by planting flowers and forming pen pal relationships with occupants at the home. ... Continue Reading

Math Workshop Games – $162 – West Oakview

This grant will purchase math games to improve student’s skills in mathematical thinking and computing as well as engaging them in learning. ... Continue Reading

Music Classroom Books – $280 – Quyen Dinh and Kim Nagy – West and North Oakview

This grant will purchase books suitable for use in the Music Classrooms which are associated with musical activities such as identifying instruments by sight and sound, rhythm chants and exploring dynamics. ... Continue Reading

“Woodland Retreat” – $750 Deb Mills – West Oakview

This grant will help create a “Woodland Retreat” multi-sensory room which will provide a sensory-rich environment with a multitude of benefits. ... Continue Reading

Science World Magazine – $326 – Brian Hendricks and Kris Walendzik – High School

This grant will cover the cost of one year subscription for Science World. This subscription was previously paid for through operating budget which has not been cut in half. ... Continue Reading

East Oakview Music Wireless Mic Project – $299 Lou Sinagos – East Oakview

This grant will purchase a wireless microphone service for East Oakview which will enrich experience when the school gathers in the gymnasium. ... Continue Reading

“Filling the Gaps” – $365 – Betsy Verwys – High School

The grant will purchase books that will meet the growing need of books for male students to read in English 10. ... Continue Reading

Motivating Learners and Problems Solvers with Watercolor Painting- $ 155 Beth Usadel – West Oakview

This grant will purchase watercolor refills that will allow students to have a richer and more frequent learning experiences with an additional art medium. ... Continue Reading

Common Core Connections: Literature & Art – $200 Beth Usadel, Amy Tefft, Rosie Haugen

This grant will purchase books that will be shared and rotated between elementary buildings so that students will have similar Art experiences and curriculum. ... Continue Reading

Ladders to Success Through Choice Reading in Advanced Placement – $650 Sheridan Steelman – High School

This grant will purchase books to provide resources for students who take AP Literature to pass with a 3 on the National Exam. ... Continue Reading

Building Literacy Curriculum for Kindergarten Team – $588 Diane Warmuskerken, Jennifer Peterson, Lauren Bowen

This grant will purchase materials that will promote student literacy growth in their classrooms through books and games. ... Continue Reading

The World of Spirographs – $150 Mary Lou Ohnsman – West Oakview

This grant will purchase Spirographs that will be used to explore the world of Geometry and more. ... Continue Reading

Literacy for a Lifetime – $675 Kari Chapin and Sarah Kieft – West Oakview

This grant will purchase a collection of books that will be used for guided reading, a crucial component of every balanced literacy instruction program. ... Continue Reading

Math Workshop Games – $175 Heather Lyons, Jaclynn Gorter – West Oakview

This grant will purchase math games to improve math skills for students for independent practice and small group instruction. ... Continue Reading

Artist in Residence Program – $1000 Quyen Dinh – North Oakview

This grant will provide a partnership with the Grand Rapids Symphony in which orchestral opportunities are given to the school including performances and concerts through the Symphony and the GR Ballet Company along with many other opportunities. ... Continue Reading

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