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The NEF provides grants to improve student learning and provide resources beyond the operating budget of the school system by raising money through various annual fund-raising events.

The NEF takes pride in all Northview students, past and present. Our continued commitment and dedication should provide exceptional learning experiences for the entire Northview school district. We will build on a successful foundation with the continued support of business leaders, parents, community, alumni and the Northview staff.

The Northview Education Foundation helps provide our schools with the educational experiences that our children deserve – the kind that today’s world demands. The NEF believes in a strong community connection and wants to make available additional monies for these innovative programs. With the continued state budget cuts our district faces, more challenges for fund raising arise even with the basic learning needs. The NEF realizes this and remains dedicated to all the children at Northview.

The Northview Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations will help ensure that we can continue our mission, which is to assist in the promotion of creative, progressive and innovative education for our students, teaching staff and support staff by providing funds for educational enrichment opportunities beyond the normal operating budget of the school district. organization with a volunteer board comprised of parents, students, teachers, alumni, and local business people, with one paid part-time Executive Director.

NEF Full Board Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Northview Administration Building Board Room. The Executive Committee meets at 5:15 p.m. prior to the Board Meeting.

News & Events

  • LOL Comedy Night – FEB 6th

    Feb 6th – LOL Night of Comedy Boulder Creek Golf Club – Doors open 6:15pm Limited Seating DOWNLOAD TICKET ORDER ...
  • A New School Year!

    Welcome 2014/2015! We are excited to start a new school year and especially with a newly renovated High School! The ...
  • Fifth Graders Get Lost in Historical Fiction

    Fifth Graders Get Lost in Historical Fiction As March rolled in, the Revolutionary War was upon us in fifth grade ...
  • 2014 Golf Outing

    Teachers, Parents, Businesses…Everyone is welcome! Join us in supporting enhanced education for Northview students by attending our 2014 Golf Outing. ...
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Some of Our Recent Grants

Creating Independent Kindergarten Readers, Writers and Mathematicians – $195

Robin Murphy, Sarah Shook, Matt Fenech – East Oakview This grant will purchase hands on activities and manipulatives that support the independent and collaborative learning in the kindergarten classroom.   ... Continue Reading

TRX Bands – $400

Kevin Bustrum – Crossroads This grant will purchase two TRX bands that students will use for physical education to use their body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. ... Continue Reading

Games Galore – $458

Denise LaCroix – West Oakview This grant will purchase a collection of concept games and activities that focus on specific skills and goals of students in special and general education classrooms. ... Continue Reading

Mentor Author and Fairy Tale Book Collections – $250

Heather Lyons, Jaclynn Gorter – West Oakview This grant will purchase books to learn about Traditional Literature through Fairy Tales. ... Continue Reading

Literacy Learning Through Playful Practice – $972

Kim Strayhorn, Tara Lukaart, Karen Aupperlee – All Elementary schools This grant will allow materials to be added to classrooms to provide assistance in high need skill areas. ... Continue Reading

The Memory Project – $375

Tricia Erickson – High School This grant will allow students the opportunity to do a service learning project that allows Art students to create portraits for youth around the world who have been neglected and orphaned.  The portraits will them be sent to the child.  The students will be exposed to real life examples of poverty in third world countries. Continue Reading ... Continue Reading

D/HH Performance of The Miracle Worker – $100

Trish Lopucki – D/HH Program This grant will purchase the royalty fee for an additional production of The Miracle Worker that will be interpreted of the Deaf Community. ... Continue Reading

Communication Doll House Play – $91.95

Anissa Eddie, West Oakview This grant will purchase materials that will allow Early Childhood Special Education classroom students to learn through play.  Communication through doll house play has a positive success with students. ... Continue Reading

From Book to Theatre – $300

Kathy Vogel, Emily Dykema, Benson Mitchell, Sara Pitt – Crossroads This grant will allow students to attend the Civic Theatre Play, The Giver at a discounted price.  The students will pay half of the ticket.  The Giver is a book in the 8th grade curriculum and attending this play will allow students to compare and contrast a book to a Continue Reading ... Continue Reading

4th Grade Dreams Writing Project – $1233.80

Debra Domine – Administration Office This grant will provide 4th grade students the opportunity to publish a book.  Through this project, the students will collaborate as a group, create individually, and problem solve as they create their book for publication. ... Continue Reading

Easy Fit – $200

Jordan Wallin – East Oakview This grant will purchase a wall timer and clock that will allow interval and circuit fitness activities. ... Continue Reading

It’s No Fun without Non-Fiction – $250

Audra Whetstone – High School This grant will purchase non-fiction pieces that will be accessible for the AP Language Classes who are immersed in a rigorous yet relevant curriculum.  This will prepare students to take the National AP Exam. ... Continue Reading

K-4 Instrumental Music Enhancement Project – $226

Quyen Dinh – North Oakview This grant will purchase hand held instruments that will be utilized in the music classroom to enhance playing, reading and improvising while preparing students for the transition to middle school band. ... Continue Reading

Scientific Probeware – $1500

Erin Combs – High School This grant will provide Verneir Probware devices which will support science labs at the high school.  They will allow students to collect data using more accurate probes.  *Erin Combs received additional outside funding from VanAndel Education Institute by volunteering her time!  Well done Erin!    ... Continue Reading

Graphic Novels for the Struggling Readers – $155

Karen Aupperlee – East Oakview This grant will purchase graphic novels that students want to read.  Inferring and synthesizing needs to happen for students to understand the meaning of the text.  Graphic novels help with this.   ... Continue Reading

Differentiated Learning Experiences in Kindergarten – $435

North Oakview Kindergarten Team This grant will purchase materials to enhance language arts and math curriculum in the classroom. ... Continue Reading

Headphones for Music Learning – $350

Lou Sinigos – East Oakview This grant will provide students with headphones that are used for music learning through Music software.   ... Continue Reading

Revolutionary War Book Clubs – $600

Marli Oliver – Highlands This grant will purchase books to be used for Revolutionary War book clubs for 5th grade students.  These books will give students an inside look at the war from multiple perspectives. ... Continue Reading

High Interest Book Baskets – $100

Ellen Knoop – North Oakview This grant will purchase books for two high interests, 1st grade level, reading book baskets.   ... Continue Reading

iPad Mini in the Math Classroom – $350

Emily Liley – Crossroads This grant will purchase a iPad Mini that will be shared between two classrooms that the students will use to create a video to describe a key concept they learned.  This will help them to have fun learning, learn a concept strongly and share it with other students ... Continue Reading

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