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Grants & Scholarships

The NEF provides grants and scholarships to improve student learning and provide resources beyond the operating budget of the Northview public school system by raising money received from donations and through various annual fund-raising events.

Grants & Scholarships

Check out some of our most recent aware Grants & Scholarships ranging from early childhood development through high school!

Donate & Volunteer

Learn more about how you can contribute to the NEF through financial gifts, volunteering, fund raising events, and our NEF Honor Wall.

The NEF Mission

The NEF takes pride in all Northview students, past and present. Our continued commitment and dedication should provide exceptional learning experiences for the entire Northview school district. We will build on a successful foundation with the continued support of business leaders, parents, community, alumni and the Northview staff

The Northview Education Foundation helps provide our schools with the educational experiences that our children deserve – the kind that today’s world demands. The NEF believes in a strong community connection and wants to make available additional monies for these innovative programs. With the continued state budget cuts our district faces, more challenges for fund raising arise even with the basic learning needs. The NEF realizes this and remains dedicated to all the children at Northview.

The Northview Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations will help ensure that we can continue our mission, which is to assist in the promotion of creative, progressive and innovative education for our students, teaching staff and support staff by providing funds for educational enrichment opportunities beyond the normal operating budget of the school district. organization with a volunteer board comprised of parents, students, teachers, alumni, and local business people, with one paid part-time Executive Director.


Featured Grant Projects


The NEF is always on need of volunteers for events, special projects, gathering community and local business support and even recruiting new board members!