About Us

Who We Are

The NEF Board is made of fun and caring individuals with either an academic, professional, family, or geographic association with the Northview Public Schools

We purely want to create inspiration in the lives of Northview students and faculty by providing funding and opportunities that produce resources and experiences that take education and it’s future impact to the next level.

Our Mission

The NEF takes pride in all Northview students, past and present. Our continued commitment and dedication should provide exceptional learning experiences for the entire Northview school district. We will build on a successful foundation with the continued support of business leaders, parents, community, alumni and the Northview staff.

The Northview Education Foundation helps provide our schools with the educational experiences that our children deserve – the kind that today’s world demands. The NEF believes in a strong community connection and wants to make available additional monies for these innovative programs. With the continued state budget cuts our district faces, more challenges for fund raising arise even with the basic learning needs. The NEF realizes this and remains dedicated to all the children at Northview.

The Northview Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations will help ensure that we can continue our mission, which is to assist in the promotion of creative, progressive and innovative education for our students, teaching staff and support staff by providing funds for educational enrichment opportunities beyond the normal operating budget of the school district. organization with a volunteer board comprised of parents, students, teachers, alumni, and local business people, with one paid part-time Executive Director.

Why This Is Important

As governmental funding declines and the demands of education in today’s world expand, it is up to us to help maintain our school system’s high standards. With the necessary tools, our students can have an award-winning academic experience. A top rated school district benefits us all. Property values increase in areas with educational excellence and businesses experience better qualified and capable employees. Since 1990, more than $428,000 has been awarded for projects throughout the Northview District. This includes 488 grants, $40,000 to the District for technology and $17,000 to Crossroads Middle School for a computer lab. The grants have encompassed everything from Mathematics, Science, Reading, Technology and English to Music, Art, Drama, Physical Education and the construction of Community Facilities. If you feel the same way about the Northview community, contact us about how you can get involved in any number of ways from donating, volunteering, becoming a trustee, or sponsoring an event.




Kevin Rich


Darren Kapustka,

Executive Director

Emily Wurn


Diane Bauman

Trace Bauman

Jeremy Cosby

David Dixon

Liz Ensing

Kristina Moore

Amy Pollack

Bob Thelen

Jessica Warner

Tim Koster


Kelsey VanZanten, East Oakview

Liz Maher, West Oakview

Diane Warmuskerken, North

Karlie Rittenhouse, Highalnds

Kathy Vogel, Crossroads

Jack Retherford, Crossroads

Sarah Snyder, High School

Dr. Scott Korpak, Central Office

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